Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Lab Test?

Yes, we currently use Proverde Labs in MA. See Lab Report.
What is CBD?

One of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified and extracted from Cannabis/Hemp plants.
What are the benefits of CBD?

In states where CBD is prescribed it is used for a wide variety of issues such as: Anxiety, Pain & Inflammation, Helps Fight Cancer, Promotes Cardiovascular Health, Relieves Nausea, May Treat Seizures, Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms and much more.
Is CBD legal?

CBD derived from the hemp plant containing less than .03% THC is legal to consume or distribute in all 50 states. *US PATENT: 6630507
How much should I take?

60mg is the average recommended daily dosage to see the benefits of the extract. However, every person is different and may require more or less based on size or condition.
Can I give it to my child?

CBD is an organic product and is certainly good for children as well as adults. However, there are many unregulated brands that include products such as melatonin in their formula to enhance relaxation. You should be very careful to use lab tested products and read all labels.
Can I use it with other medicine?

Absolutely, but to be sure you should check with your doctor.
How is CBD extracted from hemp?

There are several ways to extract oil from plants including CO2 extraction, butane extraction, alcohol extraction, heat press, and several other proprietary formulations.
Does Pink Ribbon CBD use any additives?

Absolutely NOT! Our CBD is 99% pure Isolate based that is lab tested and the best quality available to you as a consumer.